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I have a question as far as posting a link.  Ive been a forum member for many years.  I live next to the Rod & Reel Pier on Anna Maria.  For years I wanted to put up a webcam to broadcast the weather at the mouth of Tampa Bay for all the fisherman.  The reason was to help fisherman find out about the "True" weather conditions at the gulf and bay, prior to heading to the boat ramp. I have now put up the cam, and it is a High Definition live streaming webcam facing Rod & Reel Pier.  I have developed a website that features the camera on the front page and it's beautiful.  Great to visit year round to see what's happening at the pier, and also the weather conditions. I currently have the live weather station report on my site from Longboat Key, and will have my weather station on line soon for realtime Bean Point info.  My website where the cam appears is a free Realtor Directory for Anna Maria I created so I did not want to post the link without running it by you first. I think it would be something cool for the members, but I defer to your decision. Let me know if you want the link to share.  Thanks, Joe

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