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Last summer the go-to set up for catching snook on my favorite north Pinellas County snook was a large pinfish 3-4 feet under a cajun thunder on #20 flourocarbon.  This year is a completely different story, I am not having much luck and am becoming very frustrated. I haven't been able to catch as many pinfish as I used to be able to right from the beach, so I have to improvise and use other bait sources.  Today I cast netted some great sized finger mullet and was pumped to start using them.  I put them on the same kind of set up but was very disappointed when the mullet stayed swimming on the surface the entire time, as the guy next to me was crushing the snook on large free lined grunts which were staying on the bottom.  What would be the best way for me to fish these mullet, as I am pretty sure I can continue catching them?  I got a couple of hits with the mullet but it was usually just the snook chasing the mullet out of the water.  I feel like a free lined mullet would be a very elusive bait for the snook to catch.  And if I had the line tight the strong currents would just pull the mullet up to the surface.  I am certainly stumped right now.

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