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Congratulations to our 2011 tournament winners!   It was a battle of a day on the water with great weather, but that bite made it a great contest!   Feel free to tell your stories about your day of fishing!


Please take the time to acknowledge our tournament sponsors as well: Send them an email thanking them for their support of your event.  

12 Fathom
The Edje/Joe Jig/Silly Willy
Native Watercraft
Love Lures
Smith Optics
Finatic Designs
The Thirsty Marlin
Fat Cat Tavern
Skyway Fishing Piers
The Fish Grip
Stick-It Anchor Pins
Family Boating Centers
GoFish! Sunscreen
Pro Cure Scents
Jim Plastic's Team MirrOLure T-shirts
Strike Three Kayak Fishing
Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing
Captain Bill Miller, Captain Billy Miller
Captain C.A. Richardson
Captain Brian Epperson
Captain George Hastick
Captain Bill Miller
Reel Animals Fishing Team
Princeton Tec
The Bay Area Canoe/Kayak Club
Hurricane Pass Anglers Club
Hardcore Anglers Kayak Club
Stingray Promotions
Bill Jackson Shop For Adventure
Dunedin Fishing Center
Fishing Supply Liquidators
Tightlines Tackle
Tampa Bay Watch
ASA Photography
Clear Channel Communications
Alex Berg Woodworkings
B & C's Power Yaks
Kayak Angler Magazine
Marsh Works
The Humane Society of Pinellas
The Florida Wildlife Commission
Pinellas County Sheriff's Marine Division
The City of Tarpon Springs
The office of Gus Bilirakis, US Congress


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SO wish I was fishing this event!   Just to be there to see it all, who cares if I caught anything.     

AMAZING!   Congratulations on the successful acknowledgment and honoring of a fishing legend.    (And congrats on the fishing junkie nephew bud of yours:   You have given him the gift of a hobby of a lifetime.   Just think about what it will mean to him for his uncle to have handed him a trophy!)

When I retire, I'll be right there.    With good behavior that may not be so far off.

"A fish wouldn't get caught if it kept its mouth shut."

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That was a fun part of the outcome for me but the kid's humble and is still saying "I can't believe that trout won anything".     

I need to build more of the captions for the photo galleries.  I did it for the Captain's meeting gallery but just "threw this one up".    I did put the list of winners on the page but I didn't do much in the way of identifying the winners/divisions/categories.     


Co-host Tampa Fishing Outfitters Radio 8 to 9AM 1040 AM 

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