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I was at the Anclote Power plant today.  Very few guys fishing....  Seems very strange considering how cold it was last night.  Usually that spot is packed elbow - elbow after a cold front.

The regulars were all talking about how slow it has been lately...  I saw only one pompano and a few trout caught from sunrise to 12:00.  I mean there were hardly even any lady fish caught....

Anybody have any thoughts on why this spot is so slow this year?  What is going on?

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Maybe cause the anglers put to much pressure on the fish?


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I think it is the commercial fisherman sitting on those barrels constantly day after day, night after night.  I understand they need to make a living, but there should be some reasonable restrictions put on them.  Things need to be brought more into balance.

I always know where the fish are not

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Registered: 05/11/08
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Originally Posted by popo

I think it is the commercial fisherman sitting on those barrels constantly day after day, night after night.  I understand they need to make a living, but there should be some reasonable restrictions put on them.  Things need to be brought more into balance.

Those dudes are the main reason I don't like to fish there.  The last two times I went up their (on my friends boat) nothing but dirty looks and complaints of how we are scaring all the fish away with the motor.  Nothing like a negative attitude to scare away my mojo.  Oh well, good thing there's plenty of water out there!


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I think they recently installed new cooling towers that do not require them to use as much water from the river to re-condense the steam.  This means less warm water out put....less fish?

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Motors do scare away the fish.  It's not the guys on the barrels.  It's the guys gill netting just outside of the powerplants, rivers, and points.  Usually at night but sometimes in broad daylight.  They're even in the tarpon spring bayou. Some are shocking the fish too.  Pisses me off to see FWC bust little shore angles for a few undersized fish when they should be getting their butts out there in the cold, at night looking for gillnetters.  The fishing just shuts down for everyone when they are involved. Hint gill netters are not in the small boats either; not when they rape the waters for up to 20,000 pounds of fish per night averaging a 6 to 9k pounds.  Wake up FWC check the fish houses for those turn ins of 1-20k pounds of fish.  Something fishy going on there.  I can't even catch any Jack Crevelle.  


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I don't think the power plant is as good as it used to be years ago. I've fished it a few times over the last few months and all I caught was a small mangrove snapper. Its not a spot that I fish that much anymore but the times I have fished it, it was nothing to brag about.
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Here is the straight skinny on Anclote.  Units 1 and 2 are oil fired.  Oil prices are so high that they are fired up only when the power demand is very high.  That means no hot water most of the time.

When warm water flow is intermittent, fish do not congregate in the discharge as much.  I don't think any pumps are running unless the plant is generating so the only flow on the canal is tidal.

Crystal River, on the other hand has 4 coal fired units and one nuclear unit.  The 4 coal fired units run constantly when they are available so there is a constant flow of warm water in the discharge canal.  The nuclear unit  (CR-3) is down for maintenance.  Right now, I don't think anybody is sure that this unit will ever run again.  I understand that repair estimates are in excess of 1 billion dollars.  

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 I went there last year during the cold and I saw a Sheepshead caught all day, I did catch about a 8inch Gag Grouper but that was it. Those commercial guys really make me mad also, most of the time they are the ones scaring the fish away......

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the area has been producing alot of fish, pomps , hugh trout , nice flounder and redfish

that area has changed in the last couple years , and while oil prices being high and the plant running at 45 % ( due to the high prices) has a lot to do with it... the real issue is the cooling towers and the regulation.. Gone are the days where we saw the water being 10-- 20 degrees warmer.. they are now required to keep the temps within a 5 degree variable..

I fish this area very often this time of the year, the fish are not in the center ( like whne the water was warmer due to pumping)

the fish are running the edges .. so if you are in a boat you do not want to be in the center, run your boat up to the side, throw out to the center and let the jig come down cuurent along the edges...

I am amayzed how many people go in that canal  park at the barrels or drop anchor in the center and expect to catch fish...

btw... floats dont work



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Its fishing,it'll change soon an commercial fishermen don't make it that head around their to fish.
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